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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> an overnight police chase ends in a crash and montgomery country as armed carjack we're live on the scene. local graduate chris jenk behind "the buzzer" beating three to whip the game and national championship for villanova. . >> live look outside tuesday morning april 5. weather and traffic coming up on the five at 6:05. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox5 news morning" good to see you. >> developing overnight sta stabbing in alexandria 12:30 this morning 6,000 block of richmond highway near the virginia lodge hotel. minor injuries to victim no word on suspect or motive. >> a lilingts pole was dmrooshd after a chase starting in montgomery county. >> mel smell on bening road and minnesota teev tell us what led to the chase. mel, good morning.
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people may wants to consider an alternate route as they work to try to get signal pole that came down overnight as a result this crash and chase as you mentioned began in montgomery country. a bmw was car sglakd silver spring. they did not say what i kind of weapon was used to steal that vehicle. and 12:15 this morning police spotted that vehicle. there what a pursue that ended in beping avenue and not only was the light pole taken down by we believe the car dime rest further up the street d.c. police tell us two suspects are in custody and i guess the good news is nobody was injuries timer suspect or person who had
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like this signal work they're working as quick as they can and it's the deep part of the morning rush hour. people need to be you aware it could cause traffic issues. melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". disrupting morning commute on tuesday downed tree on northbound fox hall road. at reservoir in norm west. it will be a cleanup on the northbound side. heavy winds causing problems and we'll keep you posts as when crews will be able to clear this mess. sgle let's stay in the district irs building remains closed today after a transformer fire broke out in basement yesterday afternoon spokesperson says the building is still without full electricity and air handling system is inoperable. yesterday workers were evacua
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>> happening today a final good-bye to virginia state trooper chad durmeier. >> in hamilton liberty baptist church and burial. he was killed while participating a training exercise at the bus station in richmond yesterday. james brown iii shot and killed him after the trooper began talking to whim. brown was killed in that altercation. >> a map accused of shooting to death his exgirlfriend and yesterday derrek lewis was denied bond fisher was taken out a restraining order against lewis and friend and family held a vijle last night to remember her. she believes behind three children. . >> new this morning villanova fans still celebrating what a fin tish was in ncaa tournament last night. fans all over the streets of philadelphia immediately after wildcats
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tar heels. little out of dmrol some areas. people had to disperse the crowd after students started a small fire. how the final few vehicles played-out. that's marcus paige from north carolina tying gim with five seconds left. norm carolina on way to winning until villanova has lost shot. chris jenkins gone sgaing agraduate. ryan pass today to him named mvp. >> i wanted to be aggressive if coye get a shoddy would have shootty heard someone screaming in back of my head and it was kris i gave it to him and let it go with confidence. >> i was able to go and i was on. so i was screaming at him. and for him to be so unselfish, and give up the ball, you know it shows at
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he is and type of person he is. >> takes good teammates to win a title this is the first since 1985 for villanova and of course nerve d.c. remembers that one wildcats shocked georgetown. coming up in 9:00 hour of good day d.c. we'll talk with chris jenkin adopted father also the father of nate britt who played for north car line a imagine that. a freeze waerping in eye infect for knows d.c.. . >> here's tucker barnes who wanted toen sdwloy weather outside the studio. >> what happened? >> it's unbelievably cold out here. i have tiers in my eyes. i want to say because you're back. it's because it's windy and cold here
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we're below or at freezing for everybody. lots of wind i'm impressed. 32 washington and make sure you're dress add appropriately when you head out this morning. that cold moved on in. 32 annapolis and leonardtown good morning 3 2. 30 dulles and see 20s breaking out in frederick and hagerstown. 27 in hagerstown. and let's do wind chills. wind north and west gusting to 20, 25 and that's what it feels like here. and it feels every degree of. it 19 current real feel. 20 annapolis. chilly day. no doubt about it. upper 40s daytime eyes and we're expecting a lot of sunshine. believe it or not we have a couple snow flurries flying out west. see that patch of wite-out west of washington, d.c. just a brief snow shower there. tweet me if you see snow flurries in april. can't believe. it breeze yaip cold today highs upper 40s and maybe hit 50 by this afternoon. make sure you're dress add appropriately cold day. that's
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the latest from outside i'm running inside allison running inside ow now. how is traffic looking this morning. >> bad tucker but we're warm in the studio. your hair is blowing in the wind if it gives you indication why you need to grab the jacket today. right now traffic bad. 66 eastbound to 29 centerville and delays back to 234 cop jus juston as you head to beltway not seeing crashes right now. let's look at 95 virginia we're dealing with crash on northbound side. this is out by franconia springfield parkway delays to lor ton and that's a delay as you head to springfield ipt change north and south heavy in that location. springfield parkway blocking left shoulder and police getting there adding additional slow down. stafford slow between 630 and 610 as well. looking at maps. other crashes and delays this morning. crash activity pennsylvania avenue between silver hill road and southern avenue in prince george country we're also seeing slow moving traffic sutland parkway in
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carlton as you make your way 50. fox hole rolled we have a downed tree closing roadway reservoir road and inbound one lane getting by. if you want to avoid inbound delay and closure outbound side take canal road or keep it to macarthur you're boulevard. those are best bets to get around that this morning. northeast crash cleared 295 getting back to normal bening road and southbound congestion out by burrows avenue as usual. lights are being repaired min mip avenue at bening road where we were dealing with traffic lights out. and if you take metro delays residual delays on red line fairfax gat northbound and had an earlier disabled train. things getting normal back to there. the rest of our lines are on time this morning. allison, steve. . >> miss you too. thank to see you. >> still to come this morning five people killed on a sight seeing tour happened in smoky mountains. question is what went wrong. we'll have the latest details next. >> plus
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wisdom martin. the state has been talked about more than any other state i can remember. in this primary cycle and as polls tighten mrs. trump is now coming to her husband's defense. >> also ahead caught on camera dozens of motorcycles and atvs plying down a local store front. he's had enough. we're back in 30 seconds.
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when emergency crews got there in the smoky mountains there was no signs ever life or helicopter. local officials say it appears the chopper came down on side of mountain crashed into the foot of it and burst into flames. it happened in area popular with tour thirst time of year about three miles away from dolly parton's dollywood themed park. >> and update on that deadly amtrak crash near philadelphia. national transportation safety board says the train was going 106 miles an hour in 110 mile an hour zone when it hit a backhoe signature on the track killing the backhoe operator and track supervisor and we also learned engineer applied the brakes five seconds before impact. ntsb will continue to talk to
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>> "fox5" exclusive dirt bike riders in the streets. d.c. police have a policy not to chase them. this video shows exclusive video more than 50 bikers in shaw neighborhood riding past a d.c. police cruiser. and the person who shot the video can now confirm a police officer was actually inside that cruiser at the time you see there kind of in the middle of your screen. and a restaurant owner neighborhood says he's concerned someone will get hur hurt. >> most of the time when i can hear dirt bike four wheeler most of time go outside and sort of watch over patio a little bit if someone want more --. >> he tries to protect his customers but we wants d.c. police do more as well. >> developing story loudoun county where a pastor in percenterville is recovering after stabbed inside his home according to his church.
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stable condition receiving care at icu. he was flown to the hospital for treatment after he was stabbed at his home. church says the suspect is in police custody there's reports the suspect is the pastor's son. >> 6:12 now urn turning to politics. wisdom martin voters turn to to the polls today with the republican side ted cruz leads donald trump ten point in one recent poll. if cruz wins wisdom martin today it could block trump from winning nomination outright. in a rally monday donald trump pulled trump card and wife melania addressed reporters for the first time. she called trump honest, stuff and smart. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders enjoying lead over ill hillary clinton in wisdom martin. mrs. clinton may be conceding in that state as campaign moved
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on to new york which chose its prime areay in two weeks. two democratic candidates agreed next debate happens april 14 in new york and mean while d.c. council will take emergency trot page sure bernie standers name is on ballot for the democratic primary in jup. >> new this morning general mills unveiling new set of wheatyes boxes today calling it legends siri. here's a look. three different olympic champions from decades ago previously over loongd. it started with campaign to put greg luing and i is on wheaties box after a documentary aired. he became only than diving history to win back to wack gold metals he feels he was overlooked then because he was gay. and moses and evans will be featured on wheaties boxes you can find them starting in may. >> that's beyond cool. i love that. still ahead. amonon shipping is getting fas
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faster. the company is expanding one day delivery option. >> live look outside as we head toe break on tuesday morning. weather and traffic coming up on the fives next
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♪ >> the moon up above it's beautiful. >> it's gorgeous. >> i'm stuck on the music but the picture is beautiful too. >> it looks like a nice. soft spring morning but it's not. it looks beautiful but really windy out there and cold. 30 to 35 and make sure serve ready for winter warning when off to the school bus and only in upper 40s. chilly afternoon.
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winds are back earlier this morning. check out opportunity temperatures we are watching much of the area here 32 leonardtown and mannasas at breezing mark and dulles 30. april 5. 28 in frederick. 27 haikers town and winds continue to blow out of north and north and west at about 20, 25 obviously you want to put on layers here before you go out and operating for your time this morning. and 20 gaithersburg and 20 annapolis and chilly. cold in fact we have few snow showers east of front royal. tweets me if you see snow shower activity. into the often we talk about snow locally during the month of april.
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arctic air in place here for the afternoon. temperatures will be a good 15, 20 below normal later today and that's with plenty sunshine as we look at quiet weather pattern. no rain or additional snow showers today snow flurries out west early this morning. nice quiet afternoon. we'll trend towards more sunshine later today. pleasant. upper 40s daytime high. again you want a jacket later this afternoon. tomorrow looks g and as we get to thursday we have a big baseball game around here. i'm afraid we'll get a lot of rain. there we are thursday morning 5. cold front approaches bringing us rain showers. sorry i was going to show you advancing to thursday afternoo afternoon. and those rain chances continue through the day on thursday. so it's not going to be a great looking day as at least we'll warm up to low 6 0s. 48 today, 58 tomorrow. freeze watch again later tonight and early tomorrow morning and then we do keep it cool this week. right into the weekend. temperatures below normal. that is a weather
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erin is back. >> thank you very much you would never know i spilled hot coffee all over my arm, desk and produce they are morning. luckily i was wearing dark colored dress danielle i'm sorry things sometimes halfen on a tuesday morning we can't control. 95 northbound crash blocking left shoulder franconia park way. traffic is heavy. it is slow lor ton to beltway and south of that point stafford 6 30 to 610 give yourself extra time. 95 northbound jammed this morning. we'll switch for a look at maps. other crashes and delays this morning. crash activity in place district heights area between silver hill road and southern avenue in addition to that northwest we have outbound tree down blocking all lanes. fox hall road outbound president vare road and one lane inbound gets by. if you want to avoid the inbound delay and outbound closure this morning while they
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macarthur you're boulevard. let's look live outside and show what you are you up against this morning. 395 northbound duke street blocking ramp there and causing slow downs as you head to beltway. we'll certainly keep you updated. 50 inbound from new carlston damaging. thank you allison and steve. >> later in the district d.c. department of transportation will close a few roads to conduct routine bridge and it it upel safety inspections and starts at 10 and continues until 3 p.m. this afternoon. here are areas affected. connecticut avenue over rock creek. rock creek parkway and cathedral avenue impacted left lane closures on both sides. heads up there. it happens again tomorrow. thursday, d dot starts work on southbound side of capitol over anacostia river using bucket trucks checking bridges. you may see extra activity. heads up for the drive there through the city. >> 6:20 great news
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shoppers who are not amazon prime now members the online giant is opening prime now stovs all web users starting in may those rules change as you'll now be able to get same day delivery on web orders. no word yet how much more non prime pairs will have to pay for service. >> 6:21 now next facebook rolling out a new tool that helps blind users and visually impaired see photos on social networking site. how it works after the break. >> talking about sew called panama papers and potential of any u.s. involvement. big leak out of central american. time now 6:21 we'll be back
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>> 6:23 widespread corruption and taxi vacation reviewing the panama papers. join is us now lauren simonetti when you look at leaders involved in this it paint a big picture
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it's ugly panama pain ser controversial. leakeded documents involving offshore entities and dozens and dozens of politicians and political leaders and celebrit celebrities and who's who in these late documents. now the questions we've seen many international names named and it remains to be seen the treasury department and department of justice is investigating. >> it's a volume of information. almost what we share on facebook every day when you talk about volumes of information. >> social media two billion photos shared every day and foremany of us you go through facebook feed and look at pictures you see them and gets what's in there and you're up to speed what's going on in friends' lives et cetera if visually impaired or blind you cannot do that. thanks to
6:25 am
is using artificial intelligence to create this technology where there's a service that will dictate what it sees in the photo to the person who has trouble seeing that photo it's a great use of technology and another indication of facebook doing good and trying to make the world better and help stay connected for all those people either blind or visually impaired. . >> and everybody gets the chance to enjoy what everybody is talking about. >> real quick before we let you go markets town. >> the dow is off triple dij et cetera. two reason oil continues to sell off and come mod dies and energy shares and making commence that emerging park et cetera and markets like china might suffer and other markets might as well because recovery we've seen globally is too slow and fragile. >> three hours from the on we'll ke
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thanks, lauren, we'll see you tomorrow. >> 6:25 and a look at the forecast. >> yes, indeed. cold temperatures to start the day. >> and wind making it feel colder. >> not just cool it's actually cold out this morning. >> welcome back to winter. >> mrets get to it. back to winter for a day or tw two. here looking at 232 reagan national an and look how much of the area. we have a freeze warning until 10:00. i'll tell you why it's getting close to freezing mark with temperatures that are again well, well below normal early this morning. wind chills feels like teens out there and not a warm dayd y in upper 40s. out to the west we get those out of here and get a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon and very stiff breeze out of the northwest will not even feel like 48 haik sure you're prepared for pretty day. looks like rain unfortunately
6:27 am
for thursday and keep it cool into the weekend. more sunshine friday, saturday, and sunday. . >> okay.. >> so cold. >> that's the high. take it away, erin. >> outer loop now volume new hampshire 270 as we look from sky fox towards the spur heavier near new hampshire. upper loop cruz ago long much better. we'll take a look at maps now and show what you else you're up against this morning. pennsylvania avenue between silver hill and southern avenue dealing with a crash there and downed tree causing problems and fox hole road remains shet down. canal or macarthur you're will be your best alternate. >> 6:27 now. >> coming up next sports junkies join us live. >> what a wild finish ncaa townment see if the guys staidz
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first game of the season in the books. they've got it done
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>>♪ welcome back to fox 357 news morning. we will have weather and traffic on the fives at 6:35. first at 6:30 fairfax country police investigating a stabbing in alexandria.
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this morning on 6,000 box of richmond highway near the virginia lodge motel. the victim suffered minor injuries. no word on suspect or motive. repairing a light pole after knocked down by carjacking suspect that led police upon a chase. the suspects were armed and carjacking a person in silver spring maryland that's where the chase started and ended in northeast d.c. bening road and minnesota avenue and suspects are in police custody. >> theo robinson accused of starting small fires around an apartment building. and a report of several suspicious fires on walkers house road and gaithersburg and they later took robinson into custody. he's been charged with arson. . >> 6:31 we have a lot to talk about. what a fine tall was last
6:32 am
what a fine tall was last night. and game winning buzzer beater let's check in with sports jen jenkyes 106.7 fm the fan i was so mad for going to bed at half time >> north caroline 'went on run and they hit actually an incredible game tying three point were 3.7 seconds left and page hits double clutch three pointer and you thought this goes to over time i'll have to stay up later and then that last play trailer and jenkins hitting game winning three makes it one of the best national national championship games ever. >> roy william was emotional after the loss he is emotional. watch reaction when that ball goes through the net and he buries the three. >> he doesn't even react. it's like jenkins hit a three in early does beat colgate. >> and it's unbelievable. >> how stowic he was. >> it was a great
6:33 am
jenkins and josh and all the local kids did well. >> jay wrooiingt is vindicated because this villanova team made a run in 2009 and got to the final four and he felt like we're at the final four this is our destination. this time it was businesslike. he knew what to expect from all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding final four and whipping it. kris jenkins goes down in history he will be one of the legends of ncaa townment. you think about smart back in his day. he's hitting tournaments years past. michael jordan big shot he is to beat georgetown. some are saying may be the greatest in ncaa tournament history. >> certainly one of the grea greatest championship games in ncaa history. no doubt about it quick back
6:34 am
and forth last five seconds changing like that back-to-bac back-to-back. would you be able to have that jay wrooiingt reaction i don't think i could have that stowic game face. >> i don't think many can. >> he didn't even give a fist pump. >> what he going for him he knew he was going into ot because it was tie. if they were down and he hits that shoddy have to imagine he losses his mind. . >> wink or something or flynnc flynnch. >> both coaches though if you watch reaction of roy williams you know you see it in his face the devastation and takes off his masses and they're so focused on being respectful and shaking the other guy's hand they don't want to go business eric. >> if you're part of that norm carolina contention how do you sleep. >> strategically you have to know where jenkins is on the floor. inbound pass 4.5
6:35 am
eternity. they ran that play a lot this year and practiced it. ryan arci knew where jenkins was he heard him yelling he was on behind him. >> he knows where she on that play. he doesn't have to yell to him he knows where she on that play it's drawn up. . >> he hits threes. that's what he does. he does not lack confy des. i stayed up for some of the postgame and i believe it was jim asked him did you think it was going in he said i think every one of my shots is going in. >> that's what you need that confidence. >> and raleigh may not have mrinched. great to see that 31 years ago. . >> when you're 81 you look forward to that. >> that's not going to happen unless there's a reason to be determined. >>
6:36 am
. >> and holding off on extra innings. here's the thing with the nats yesterday this is how got baseball team s i was watching it was like 8th inning and you go in with the confidence they'll win. daniel murphy game winning double paying off already. >> that's a good feeling you. >> don't feel that. >> when the gay came on and threw four pitches and balls i was already graph talking and gave up. >> confidence. >> yeah. >> i was like no this team has it. >> they're going to twhin one. >> all right steve you have not been in d.c. long enough clearly. >> we have the best record in payable a couple years ago tuc tuck. >> yeah and i remember what happened. >> let's not fight.
6:37 am
>> i was happy to see the birds win and baby birds against baltimore. 32 washington. feels like 19 yes feels like 1 19. wind out of the north, northwest. >> i'll send you to the cold with that attitude. >> chilly day. upper 40s daytime highs. few clouds out there and thank you i'm getting tweets the snow showers out west towards front royal, linden, virginia, snow really coming down out. there heads up. there's a little batch of snow developed out to west. tweet me picture if you get more snow out there. it's cold enough there might be quick coughing on the ground in a couple spots. that's the fact. 48 today. police dress appropriately. it's cold. winds blowing 20, 25 today. >> i think you have mental proingt bite, al. >> i'm not fighting. >> we're happy i'm support miing local baseball team. >> i understand exactly what you said. >> confidence. >> start the sean
6:38 am
party at my family's house. thank you guys for that. >> merry christmas. >> uh-huh. >> at least the weather feels like christmas time. there you go. morning commute 6:38 crash ramp inner loop to 95 north delays there outer loop typical slow down 95 as you make your way past georgia taking a look district heights crash activity pennsylvania avenue silver hill road and southern avenue sutland mark way inbound voe towards south call tall slow by bladeensburg and have 25 south typical delays attorney pennsylvania down 14 miles an hour. and aside from that outbound fox hole road dealing with downed tree. police at that location. all outbound lanes very voyeur blocked only one lane getting by and parkway giving yourself extra -- to metro now if you want to take metro grab a heavier jacket then you think
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back to you. >> thanks, still ahead what the district is doing to help control mosquitoes. >> and plus kevin mccarthy hit the red car net in loss ankle less last night for world premiere of jungle book. interviews with the stars and director of the film coming up. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan,
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cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> 6:4 12 voteers in the district one step closer to deciding weather minimum wage to 15 an hour. >> and however supporters first need to collect 22,000 signatures. >> and just in time for summer d.c. officials are working to squash concerns over zika viru virus. d.c. department of health rol rolling out enhanced mosquito plan and blanton trap and test adult mosquitos in all wards of district as center of disease control says united states needs new mosquito fighting strategies to combat the virus. it was declared a global health emergency. >> happening today montgomery county council will meet for the first time with metro general manager paul wheatfeld it will address a variety of issues and members of the board of directors will also be there. >> coming up next fresh off the red carpet joining us live from los angeles. >> and remin
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to the break if you have a news tip share it with us, you can call or email tips to "fox5" tips at back in a moment.
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> 6:45 trying get you started tuesday morning. for allison monday morning. >> yes, it is. >> nice long vacation. >> andil
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all week. steve you have to reb remind me. today is tuesday. >> right. >> highlight from vacation? >> rest, relaxation. >> yeah. >> it was a chilly vacation. >> yeah. >> central park zoo i've never been there before. >> and yeah. >> yes. >> i have been there once. >> next time the bronx zoo that's bohemy th i hear. >> dogs get long walks. >> i don't know i didn't take them with me. >> they were not invited. >> he they went in the back of grandma's yard. >> today is bus stop forecast. real quick reminder it is all business out there early this morning. looks like pleasant spring morning but it's very, very cold. pickup weather most of area here is falling to freezing mark or below. ach school today upper 40s and breezy conditions starting and we're going to quantity to -- sorry i got this problem. i got th
6:47 am
go away today. >> it's cute. >> 32 washington and 32 annapolis and you can see how cold those temperatures are off north and west. look at 20s. 28 frederick and 27 gaithersburg and culpeper 32. winchester 30. snow showers breaking off to the west. we'll show you on radar in a minute. wind gusting to 30. giving us wind chills in the teens. and obviously please take the cold seriously out. there feels like more like late february than april at the moment. 19 feels like in washington and 19 baltimore and i think part of shock yesterday is 70s. wind chill of 19. huge difference. batch of snow shower activitie activities. people seeing it in some spots coming down. most of day will be rather sunny mostly sunny and quiet.
6:48 am
and then again tonight we have a freeze watch later tonight and tomorrow morning once again sensitive and tender vegetation needs to be dealt with as conditions will be -- you laugh every time i say it it doesn't help. >> freezing temperatures tomorrow morning. there you go. 48 today. better tomorrow 58. unfortunately looks like wet one thursday. we'll fine tune hours of rain. it might need to be reschedule rescheduled. i mean i'm not going to make that call. it will be close call on thursday. friday looks better. saturday, sunday, sunshine, cool conditions for next weekend as well. all right. that's weather update. erin is back with roads. >> i'm excited for saturday game. >> can't wait. >> cannot wait it will be my second nat's game. inner loop, sky fox. 95 northbound. you can see it there in center area police activity and several cars involved since we moved it overall lanes getting by. it is
6:49 am
it is slow roll as i approach 95. volume japd 95 past new hampshire as you head to georgia this morning. typical slow down there. move it over and show what you we're dealing with this mornin morning. and a crash cleared delays however back to dale is the yain stafford heavy 630 and 61 610. let's switch to maps. a crash causing slow downs prince george county and upper loop as you head towards wilson fwlij degree gets crowded and crash activity still lynnerring southern hill road and southern avenue and 295 pip call delays eastern to pennsylvania and inbound slow as usual by kenilworth and 270 southbound a crawl towards father hurley back to you. >> the future of
6:50 am
was subject of big meeting at the convention center last night. group event d.c. laid out several openings what to do with prime piece of real estates proposals include nfl stadium, am pi theater erin on recreational spaces -- >> and. >> if you do got not want to be audit bid uncle sam don't live in these places vermont, calipari, nevada, massachusetts, delaware. tax defines taxpayers in this states are more likely to face irs audit one are on the income level is higher in those states. >> in today's fox beat 15 and final season of "american idol" wraps up. tonight begins three part fip ali which honors past winners and judges before the past is crowned. since the
6:51 am
contest oont showed number one albums. tune in tonight "fox5" about first of three night finale. . >> steve and allison great to you have back. he enough the objection and was not with the carpet. he wanted to stay away from me and knew i would bring --. >> i do shy away from word objection but i understand what you're saying. >> what's going on. >> and --. >> yes, he was. . >> and that was not intentional at all. so, anyway the movie itself called jungle book was incredible evening and if you go to the facebook page kevin mccarthy fox i got a
6:52 am
of hollywood boulevard where the actual setup was for premiere. it was thuj took the whole block up essentially right where the doll by theater is and oscars held an actual screening for movie was at the top and john fabro director and little kid neal plays actor in jungle book and sir ben kingsley. ways excited to thereby obviously it was a cool experience and obviously recently march 24 gary shandl shandlinging pass away and he has a voice in the movie and at end of credits they actually already put in a sbeshl dedication to him. and i spoke to john about that as well and what gary shandling meant to him as voice actor in this move yet jungle book. >> hey, everybody, kevin mccarthy i'm geeking out in hollywood world premiere of "the jungle book" i have m
6:53 am
on. across the street is dole by theater where the oscars are held. the opening running shot of movie how many takes did that take. >> we reshot that four times. and i think like well we do like 10 to 15 each like usually so i did it like four times like 60 times. >> obviously at the end we see mr. shandling's name on the screen and obviously it recently happened and adding that in what we to you in the role of the moovt yain getting it on the screen there. >> gary shandling was an important person to a lot of us in the hollywood community and he was -- i was lucky enough to have him do a voice in this and very sad to hear of his passing and i thought it was nice gesture not just for people on this film but outpouring on social media dedicated to memory and hopefully introduceing a new generation to his work. this say small taste ofty
6:54 am
look at larry sanders and look at work he did and appearances and if are you interested in comedy you'll never find a greater genius more innovative with form whether standup or television. >> is past began di with you today. what aspects of that are still with you now. >> i'm not so sure whether or not anything stays i mean that in the best sense of the world because when i was theater actor, if i can use a rather klvrpingy met for i thought of myself as landscape painter but now that time film i see myself as portrait artist but weird thing you put your brush down and leave campus and say there's the port ral there's m me. >> yes. >> thank you so much it's an honor to meet you one of the best actors of all sglim according to imbd this is gary shapdling's last film he pass away march
6:55 am
weeks ago. i don't know if he had other projects in the work but it was interesting to hear the comments on him and again i saw the movie saturday and gary shandling name as dedication was at the end of credits which was interesting to see so quickly after obviously he meant that much to fabro and rest of cast. he's in movie has a great couple lines and sequences in the film as well. >> i'm rally looking forward to seeing this movie. >> i'll tell you now allison this is the best part of the movie, alba, he really, really, really puts fear in that movie. he's unbelievable. i think as a voice actor that voice he is so great in the role. it's one of the best performances he's had. he's amazing in the role. >> okay. kev, thank you very much. see you later. >> let's check in with tucker barnes. >> hey, guys, cold
6:56 am
>> hey, guys, cold temperatures, i mean really cold temperatures for early april setting up out. there we have wind chill in the teens an actual air temperature around freezing let's go to. it beautiful sunrise. there's a live look across the region and getting lots of sunshine locally. although believe it or not snow flurries and shouvrz to the west. 31 now in washington. another degree. feels like 19 and believe me every bit of that 19 winds north at 20. there's a live look at satellite and radar. we'll talk more about that. it's cold today. highs only in upper 40s and wind chills in 30s this afternoon: sunshine. all right. we'll look more closely at the 7 day. and do twravk erin. >> right now taking a look at traffic starting with sky fox crash cleared out the lane on upper loop as you take the exit ram top 95 northbound you can see it's almost cleared out way sky fox zooms in one vehicle left. inner loop looking good. 95 moving along long much better outer loop typical
6:57 am
we'll look from a look at sky fox and show you maps and take a look what else is popping up around d.c.. 234 north crash culpeper drive and take a look at that dumfries road. keep it to "fox5" 7:00 hour coming right up.
6:59 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. >> developing now 7:00 overni
7:00 am
montgomery county ended with crash in district. two people under arrest where crews were out all night to make emergency repairs. a report live from the scene straight head. >> show down in wisdom martin voteers in another key state head to the polls today and results could have serious impact on republican and democratic front runners what you need know from both sides of the aisle coming up. plus,. >> seconds at mid court. >> gives to jenkins for championship. >> hit that three to win the national championship. what a buzzer beater for villanova. that's a local guy taking that shot. celebration continuing well into this morning. >> that was pretty. live lookoids on this tuesday morning april 5, 2016. cold one out. there we're dealing with springtime freeze this morning. temperatures dipping way down overnight. we'll have more on "weath


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